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Energy-Saving JN Series Two-stage Compression Screw Air Compressor

Energy-Saving JN Series Two-stage Compression Screw Air Compressor

Adopting two stage compression main engine means adopting two sets of SKY screw rotors of different sizes to achieve reasonable pressure distribution and reduce the compression ratio of each compression.

Low compression ratio also has two special advantages:

  • Reducinginternal leakage, and promoting volume efficiency;
  • Considerablyreducing the load of bearings, promoting the service life of bearings and extending the service life of main engine.

The most crucial is the efficiency of rotor molded lines, “T” patent molded line developed by Dr. Tang Yan, selected into Recruitment Program of Global Experts, with world leading efficiency, 5 to 15% higher than other molded lines.

The key points also lie in the local design and details of products, and high-end system configuration and optimization, again 5 to 8% higher than the efficiency of other brand products.

Highly-efficient main engine and intrinsic air inlet conditioning design, cooling flow-field design, oil-gas separation technology, highly-efficient motor, intelligent automatic control and other innovative technology of JN series, will bring tangible energy efficient benefit to customers.

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