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DTH Drill Hammer

Hight air pressure DTH Hammer

This hammer maximises efficiency and develops greater power for any compressor capacities available.As a result the HD series of Hammers penetrate 15% to 30% faster than competative Hammers available in the market giving you an additional production at a lower unit cost.

» Designed to suit high pressure drilling rigs.

» Water well drilling

» Record breaking penetration

» Bench drilling

» Exploring Civil Engineering Applications

» Lowest cost per foot drilled

» Mining /Mineral Exploration

» Simple & robust design. Exploring Civil Engineering Applications

» Oil well drilling

» Foot Valve not required in the bit

» Longer parts life

High Pressure DTH Hammer

Structure for with foot valve

Structure for without foot valve

Low air pressure DTH Hammer

This DTH Hammer a kind of valve-equipped Low Air Pressure hammer with a single piston,a plate valve and a central exhaust structure. The compressed air is adopted as the driving force. To prevent dust pollution and get a better performance,some high-pressure water may be added into the air for wet rock drilling.

It is mainly featured in:

1.The strong energy of single impact and the low energy consumption in rock crushing;

2.The weight ratio of Piston and Bit almost reaches 1:1 to provide long effective acting time,which leads to the improved efficiency in rock crushing and the extended service life of the drilling tool;

3.A good performance in central ai r exhaust and cuttings discharge,which reduces the repeated crushing of rock;

4.A check vlave device is availabIe to drill ho1es under water.

This DTH Hammer,an ideal drilling tool,is widely used in such industries relating to energy,transportation,metallurgy,building etc.

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