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2V-4.0/5 18.5KW 25HP Diesel Mining Piston Air Compressor

2V-4.0/5 18.5kw 25HP Diesel Mining Piston Air Compressor


  1. Category: Electric screw air compressor
  2. Type: 2V-4.0/5
  3. Brand Name: QUZHOU
  4. Dimension (mm):1800*950*1300
  5. Operating Weight (kg):750
  6. Transport Package: Wooden Box
  7. HS Code:8414100090


Diesel portable piston mining air compressor with a jackhammer rock drill Diesel reciprocating mining piston air compressor Double Air Tank Diesel Portable Best-Selling Engine Oil Piston Air Compressors are mainly used to supply stable and clean compressed air to pneumatic tools and keep them working smoothly and efficiently.


1. Valve plate and spring strip: made of special steel from Sweden and after special treatment; highly efficient and reliable

2. Piston ring:special design;integral casting;excellent flexibility;lowest lubricating oil consumption

3. Cylinder: made of boron cast iron; wear-resistant; especially suitable for dusty condition

4. Cylinder cover: extrusion process adopted; streamlined external appearance; good heat emission performance

5. Simple structure lightweight easy to move

6. Energy saving Low cost

7. Easy operating and maintenance


  1. High pressure, high efficiency, and high reliability

The cylinder head and the fan with independent patent technology are used to separate the intake chamber from the exhaust chamber, avoiding the high temperature of the exhaust chamber to the intake chamber, and the arc-shaped cooling fan is provided, and the hot part is effectively cooled by the strong wind to reduce the discharge. Gas temperature, especially in hot summer, avoiding high temperature pulling cylinder; increasing exhaust pressure, greatly improving the working efficiency and reliability of wind power.

  1. Low fuel consumption and long life service

Designed with 4 piston rings, it adopts a “snap-and-loop” buckle structure, which automatically compensates for the opening after wear. The seal is good and the lubricating oil is low, which greatly prolongs the service life of the air compressor.

  1. High efficiency and low using cost

The optimized design of the intake and exhaust valve structure, coupled with the patented cylinder head and fan, effectively reduces the intake and exhaust resistance and exhaust temperature, improves exhaust pressure and operating efficiency, and reduces operating costs.

  1. Stable and reliable operation

Large-size bearings are used to increase the diameter of the crankshaft. The moving parts are optimized. The air compressor has good self-balancing, low vibration, and low noise. The thickened and enhanced gas storage tank has high strength, rigidity, long life, and stable and reliable operation.

  1. Good adaptable

A complete range of products can be equipped with diesel or electric motors in a variety of forms and different environments.

  1. Beautiful appearance

Using the patented design, the layout of each component is reasonable, compact, and beautiful.

7 . High-cost performance

Little investment, low maintenance cost, high-cost performance.

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