20 Meters Deep Integrated Drilling Rig KL511 Hole Drill for Quarry / Open-pit Hydraulic Crawler Down 0-3.5km/h 9.6m3/min 76-127mm

KL511 Full Hydraulic Drilling Rig is equipped with standard 51 mm diameter drill rod, can drill 89-127mm vertical and inclined and horizontal hole. Widely used in cutting excavation, pipe laying,  foundation engineering and the drilling in open-air mining.

Kaishan Brand KL511 Full Hydraulic Drilling Rig is equipped with standard 51 mm diameter drill rod, can drill 89-127mm vertical and inclined and horizontal hole. Widely used in cutting excavation, pipe laying,  foundation engineering and the drilling in open-air mining.

KL511 equipped with heavy-duty hydraulic top hammer drill (23.4 KW). With its powerful rotary torque impact power, Match enough washing ability and advanced control system, make it is fully capable of in complex strata conditions exert its performance.

It is with 0-180° rotating ability of drilling rig’s frame,  make a positioning drill coverage of 26.5 square meters, greatly improve the efficiency of the rig’s arrangement of holes and the ability to deal with complicated working condition.

Drilling rig adopted high efficiency Kaishan brand screw air compressor , environmental protection and energy saving, with completely independent intellectual property rights.

Drilling rig’s power unit cross at the end of the upper rotary frame, as opposed to the drill arm and push beam. No matter drill arm and push beam in any direction all have the effect of mutual balance.

Drilling rig’s motion, crawler levelling and frame rotary can optional wireless remote control to operate outside the cab.

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